YFM Plus elevates music experiences with exclusive discounts and exciting giveaways.

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Where it all began..

YFM started in 2016 as a dynamic music promotions platform, rapidly gaining popularity and amassing over 2 million followers. Today, it boasts a vibrant community of over 9 million music enthusiasts, connecting fans worldwide with their passion for music.

In response to the overwhelming growth and enthusiasm within our community, YFM introduced YFM PLUS. Launched to enhance the music experience for music lovers worldwide, YFM Plus was designed to offer exclusive discounts, thrilling giveaways, and unique rewards.

The platform aims to provide added value to our dedicated members, ensuring they receive tangible benefits from their engagement. By fostering closer connections with top brands and delivering unparalleled perks, YFM Plus transforms the way our community interacts with the world of music, making every moment more rewarding and enjoyable.

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"YFM Plus is a community dedicated to celebrating the passion for music. Our goal is to provide members with unique opportunities, exclusive discounts, and exciting giveaways that elevate their musical journey. Together, we're making music more accessible and enjoyable for everyone."

Craig Howard - YFM Founder